New World of Work Drives the Next Generation of Windows

New World of Work Drives the Next Generation of Windows

For the average consumer, what does a computer signify? Music, movies, the Internet, and for submitting some academic work perhaps that is about it. The average user is not concerned with how a computer operates, or how complex its components are, or what does what. A computer is a collection of various hardware components and this hardware can only understand electrical highs and lows, the 1s and the 0s. Humans can’t interact with the hardware directly, the desired user interface (UI) is provided by an operating system or an OS.

A Pre-Release         

Although there are many different OSs available in the market today, the role of Microsoft’s Windows is perhaps the strongest and the most widely used. Microsoft is all set to launch its newest version, Windows 8 in a few months. To inform eager and interested consumers, a Consumer Preview was released for the general public to both appreciate as well as to read about the details of this new Microsoft product, so they could make a more informed decision in terms of whether or not to purchase it. This Preview is a pre-release of the actual OS. It is not a write up; it is the actual product pre-leased for testing purposes.

The Metro UI           

What made the Windows Phone stand out and remain alongside the Apple iOS and Android was its look, which showcased the Metro UI. UI means user interface, as already indicated, and can lead to a bunch of words and phrases that we do not have to get into. Metro is a computer language that Microsoft developed. Moreover, this display is optimized for touch screen and is comprised of various tiles, showcases recent as well as favorite apps, shortcuts, updates from social networks, and so on. These tiles will be on the desktop instead of icons for touch purposes.

The same concept has been integrated into Windows 8, as well, and comes as a breath of fresh air. After all, who does not care for a touch screen? And yes, the iconic Windows start button is extinct.

The sad thing is that most people will not use this touch screen because most people will be using Windows 8 via their laptops or desktops. Yes, this same system will be used by many people on their tablets and smartphones, but if you are not one of them, do not worry, Windows 8 is still designed for laptops or desktops.

Touch screen capability is not for every device though. So just to be clear, you will not have touch screen capability unless your screen’s resolution is 1024×768 (pixels) or better.

Video Games

Over the past few years, gaming has been a rewarding sector for Microsoft with the launch of the Xbox and the Kinect. And with the content being synchronized over all platforms, it is about time that gaming and gamers be brought under one roof. The new Windows 8 features an integrated Xbox Live interface, where users can use their gamer tags and accounts to access a best games Pubg pc, downloadable content, message boards, and so on.

Multiple Uses

The new Windows has tremendous multi-tasking abilities. The consumer can easily switch between applications and also look at the currently running applications on their home screen by simply scrolling, from top left to the right. There will be a Microsoft store that would be providing downloadable mocospace apps and for purchasing other relevant software. The much familiar Ribbon interface of Windows 7 (and all Microsoft Office products) has been removed but can be enabled if required.

Just a Touch

In the end, it could be concluded that what lies in the future holds great promise and simplicity. It is unbelievable that the human mind has come from the early days of DOS to Windows 8, where a simple touch could get things started. But actually, it is not the computer; rather, it is the human mind that is developing, evolving, and constantly learning. Thus, it is better than our machines and devices to keep up with the uses and needs of industrial, professional, and recreational use.

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