iPhone 11 Pro Max: Reviews, Features & Specifications

iPhone 11 Pro Max:  Reviews, Features & Specifications: Apple has been an allrounder since forever and all thanks to the crazy iPhones coming our way one after another. When it comes to iPhone we love each and every bit of it no matter which one we own. iPhone never failed to stay beyond the par and always pleased its fans by maintaining the premium image of iPhones. Each new model is even more amazing than the previous one. Recently Apple launched its iPhone 11 series and they are totally out of the world.

Especially the 11 Pro Max turned the tables. After all, it is the Pro version. The triple-lens camera, wonderful display, extraordinary smart processor and not to forget the wonderful body and design. The iPhone 11 Pro Max has so much to offer to all the iPhone lovers and tech-savvy people out there.

Let’s delve into some of the prominent features of 11 Pro Max to see whether it is actually worth the hype or not.

The Triple Lens Camera

As the trend of the triple-lens camera started to take over Apple also stepped in the duel to compete with others by introducing the triple-lens camera in the 11 Pro and Pro Max. The iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with a triple rear camera setup with a 12-megapixel lens each. One of them is a wide-angle sensor, then a  telephoto with a wider aperture and finally, there is an ultra-wide camera with a depth of 10 degrees. This camera captures every bit of the object in the focus very explicitly. Also, there is a great improvement in the video recording as compared to the previous iPhones in terms of cinematic stabilization that gives smooth video shots.

When we talk about the front camera, there is a 12 MP selfie camera with a wide-angle. This gives the best selfie experience ever by letting the user capture images in landscape mode eventually fitting in all the objects in the target. There is also an addition of slow-mo videos. Furthermore, the selfie camera is packed with a smart HDR feature that enables face recognition as well as gives an even appearance to the image captured.

In addition to that, all new Night-mode is also introduced here. This mode is automatically activated as soon as Pro Max detects the decrease in light in the environment. This mode was already added in Android phones before. Now, with your iPhone as well you can capture photos easily in the low light with decent quality and realistic appearance with every detail.

Design and Display

With the glass finish body, iPhone 11 Pro Max’s design and body are so appealing. At the front, there is a notch to house the front camera and the Face ID sensor. At the back, there is a glass matte finish that gives the phone glass looks making it more elegant. Other than that there is a camera setup at the top surrounded by a matching color glass. This glass is placed to minimize the visual impact of the lenses.

Coming to the display, the iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with a 6.5 inch OLED screen powered with Super Retina XDR and high rated pixels. Apart from that, the bezel-less body gives a large display with beautifully blended colors and vibrant graphics produced.


We all know about the uninterrupted flow of apps on the iPhone. Though the Pro Max is found to be 20% more quick and faster. The credit for this swift goes to the all-new A13 Bionic processor and the latest iOS 13. Eventually, all the heavy-duty games and apps are not a headache at all. Other additional features that contribute to exceptional performance is the Night mode that is included in the processor as well along with the camera. This mode makes it easier for you to read content and doing other stuff in the low or dim light. Also, the new Look Around feature with rebuilt maps is a new addition.  The Pro Max comes in three different memory configurations the basic 64 GB variant then the middle one is the 256 GB, and at last, we have 512 GB. You can choose any one of them depending upon your preferences and consumptions.

The Power House

By powerhouse, we mean the battery specifications of the Pro Max. The iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with a 3500 mAh non-removable battery. It is said to last for 5 extra hours as compared to XS Max. as well, there is an 18W adapter charger, wireless charging support and fast charging support that charges up to 50% somewhere around in 30 minutes. This fast charging support was not included in earlier iPhones. So this is again a plus.

The Conclusion

Except for all the features that are discussed above, there is Face ID (no fingerprint scanner), water resistance, dual-sim option, and wireless charging. Besides, iPhone 11 Pro Max comes in Midnight Green, Silver, Gold, and Space Grey colors.

You might find this article iPhone biased but yeah this is the reality. iPhone 11 Pro Max has compelled almost everyone to just not deny with the fact that this one indeed is a Pro! No doubt all the iPhones are competent in their own capacities but still with advancements comes the greatness. It comes with a perfect merger of everything including performance, camera, display, body, battery time and the list goes on. All this makes the 11 Pro Max a game-changer.

However, the iPhone 11 Pro Max price in Pakistan is 239,999/- PKR. This is for the base variant i.e. 64 GB and varies for different internal storage capacities. The prices might also vary from dealer to dealer but to a little extent only. This may be too expensive for almost everyone. Notwithstanding those who can afford to get their hands on the latest and upgraded gadgets no matter how heavy such devices might get on their pockets then they must give it a try. Though we have seen so many first movers have already got their hands on it.

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